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Terranyl sheets

TERRANYL® is made from starch from the residual flows of the potato processing industry. We have Terranyl in stock as a sheet of 1mm thickness in white, yellow, green and orange. In addition, we also have the white plate in 2mm thickness. Are you looking for other thicknesses, sizes or colours? Please contact us.

Terranyl is biobased and biodegradable. Excellent for cutting, gluing, vacuum forming and printing. It is an outstanding replacement for polystyrene and foamed PVC. However, it is less suitable for long-term outdoor use. This has to do with the biodegradable properties of the material.

The plates can be used for various applications. They are mainly used in the sign industry for displays and POS material. However, due to Terranyl’s editability it can be used for many other applications. It is also a relatively new product, so many applications have yet to be tested. For example, tests are now being done to make puzzles from the plates. The first results of this look good. So just like our slogan: “be inspired, be creative” and try this bioplastic alternative for your application.