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Bio-Polyethylene Sheets

Bio-polyethylene sheets are made from Braskem BIO PE SGF4950. Bio-PE is the sustainable and biological variant of polyethylene. These plates are made from raw materials obtained from planted sugar cane. The production of the sheets is therefore better for the environment than making ordinary PE plates. This has to do with 2 things. Firstly, the sugar cane absorbs CO2 and secondly, the CO2 emissions when producing Bio Polyethylene are lower than those with standard Polyethylene. Bio-PE is a biobased bioplastic type. This means that it is made on the basis of organic raw materials. In this case sugar cane.

The default dimensions of the Bio-PE sheets are 1000x600mm, 1200x600mm and 1230x1000mm. The sheets are available in the colours black, white and grey. For other sizes and/or colours, please contact us to discuss the options.

Bio-polyethylene has a number of processing options, such as: sawing, drilling, welding and vacuum forming. Printing and gluing are not part of the processing options. This is due to the greasy surface. The plates can be connected to each other by means of welding or a mechanical connection. Examples of mechanical connections are a pop rivet or bolt and nut.

Bio-PE has various applications. It can be used well as a finishing sheet or protection sheet. The sheets are very stiff and impact resistant. Furthermore, the sheets are suitable for making thermoformed parts, such as cover caps, trays or chairs.

For general information about bioplastic in general you can view the page What is Bioplastic.