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Recycled plastic sheets

Recycled plastic sheets, just like bioplastic, are a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional plastic. The various recycled plastic sheets in our range are acrylic, polyethylene and a mix of polystyrene and polyethylene. All three types have the same properties as their standard version.

The recycled sheets are available in transparent and black. Acrylic in transparent and polyethylene and the mix of PS & PE in black. The mixed sheet has a coloUrful inside made of recycled material, but the top and bottom are black.

Recycled acrylic

Recycled acrylic sheets are made from 100% recycled acrylic. This product is therefore a sustainable alternative to standard extruded acrylic. The sheets are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are easy to process. The sheets are completely transparent, making them good to use for example for windows or a cube to protect something that is on display. In addition, the sheets are supplied with protective film on both sides, so that there are no scratches on the sheet. This makes recycled acrylic suitable for art projects, for example.

Recycled PE & PS sheet

Recycled PE & PS sheet is made of a mix of Polyethylene (PE) and Polystyrene (PS). It is a light, hard board of which it is clearly visible that it has been recycled. This is visible in the coloured core of recycled consumer plastic. The panel is both technically and constructively a good replacement for wood and concrete plywood. The material is lightweight, durable and moisture resistant, but has poor bonding properties. This is due to the Polyethylene section in the sheet. Furthermore, the sheet is fine to edit. These sheets are available in 3 different types. In addition to this mixed version, the panel is also available with a PE top layer and a version with a PS top layer. The Polyethylene version is mainly suitable for construction and carpentry applications. The Polystyrene version is suitable for printing applications.

Recycled Polyethylene

Recycled polyethylene is very similar in properties to standard polyethylene. It is a strong, wear-resistant sheet that is excellent for outdoor applications. This is because the sheets are UV protected. The recycled PE sheets do not have a protective film and because of its industrial background, it almost always has some scratches. One side of the sheet is more glossy and the other more matte. The applications of the sheet are machine building and for hobbies. The panels are easy to work with, but difficult to glue because of the greasy surface.