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Fibernyl sheets

Fibernyl bioplastic is made from Elephant Grass (Miscanthus Giganteus), PLA and starch from a waste stream from the Dutch potato processing industry. Elephant grass is a very sustainable crop that grows in the Netherlands and captures four times more CO2 than trees. In addition, it does not need irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides to grow.

The Fibernyl sheets come in the colours natural, white and black. All three colours have a natural look and a visible fiber structure. The sheets are standard available in the sizes 1000x600mm and 2000x1200mm. The thickness varies from 0.5mm to 4mm. Still looking for a different colour or size? Please contact us.

In terms of properties, Fibernyl bioplastic is very similar to foamed PVC, thus making it an excellent biological substitute. The sheets are used, among other things, as P.O.S. material, signage at festivals & events and for interior applications.

Fibernyl is very easy to work with. It is possible to laser, punch, saw, drill and print the sheets. In addition, the sheets are suitable for vacuum forming. The recommended temperature for vacuum forming is 70-100°C. Bioplastic can react differently to vacuum forming than other plastics, so it is wise to test this first. Due to the good machinability and quality of the plates, they are suitable for many different applications. So try this sustainable alternative made of plastic once!

Fibernyl is a circular product. The sheets are made from elephant grass. After use, the plates are composted and that compost can be used again to grow i.a. elephant grass. Additionally, the plates can also be recycled. All this makes Fibernyl a very sustainable and environmentally friendly replacement for plastic.