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Mellanyl sheets

Mellanyl© sheet are produced from a vegetable raw material, namely corn starch.  The sheets are biodegradable and biocompatible. This means that they are compostable under industrial conditions. Mellanyl is very suitable for p.o.s. applications. It is an impact-resistant and workable plate that is easy to print on. The material is very similar to our Terranyl© sheets.

The properties of mellanyl are also very similar to the plastic Polystyrene. It is therefore an excellent replacement for this. The sheets are used for p.o.s. equipment, signage, festivals and events.

Mellanyl sheets are available in the colours white and in the near future in black. The sheets are semi-glossy on both sides. The standard dimensions are 1000x600mm and 1200x1000mm. The thicknesses vary from 1mm to 3mm. Are you looking for a different colour or size? Please contact us.

The processing options include gluing, drilling, sawing and printing. In addition, the sheets can be mechanically connected and can easily be vacuum formed. All in all an extremely suitable sheet to use for advertising in shops.

The mellanyl sheets are a circular product. They are made from the corn starch granulate at a lower temperature than standard plastic. This is better for CO2 emissions. The sheets are then used in, for example, a shop. After use the plates are collected and recycled or composted. The compost can be used again to grow new corn. As icing on the cake, these sheets are also completely manufactured in the Netherlands, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from transport.