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Bio-Polyethylene sheet gray 1230x1000x2m

Bio-polyethylene gray 1230x1000x2mm

  • Bioplastic sheet
  • Impact resistant
  • Great for vacuum forming
  • Editing: sawing, drilling and welding
  • Cannot be printed and glued


Shipping time: 5 – 10 business days.



Bio-polyethylene Sheets

Bio-polyethylene is a biobased type of bioplastic. The Bio-PE sheets are made of Braskem BIO PE SGF4950. The raw materials for this are obtained from planted sugar cane. As the name implies, bio-polyethylene has the same properties as standard polyethylene, but biobased. This means that the material can be easily processed, but cannot be printed or glued. Furthermore, the sheets are very impact resistant and the surface is smooth with a satin gloss.

Applications of Bio-Polyethylene

Bio-polyethylene is suitable for making thermoformed parts, for example: cover caps, trays and chair parts. The plates are very stiff and impact-resistant, so they can also be used as a finishing plate or protection plate for interior applications. Do you have another application that you use PE for? Then try Bio-PE as an alternative!


Bio-polyethylene sheets are available per piece in the colours grey, black and white. The standard sizes are 1000x600mm, 1200x600mm and 1230x1000mm. The thicknesses vary from 2mm to 3mm. Do you need other sizes or colours? Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Work with Bio-Polyethylene

The sheets can be sawed, drilled, welded and vacuum formed, but cannot be printed or glued due to the greasy surface. The sheets can be connected by means of welding or mechanical connections. Think of a mechanical connection to a blind rivet or bolt and nut.


The raw materials for Bio-Polyethylene are obtained from planted sugar cane. Making the plates is therefore better for the environment than with PE. Firstly, the sugar cane plantations absorb CO2. And secondly, the CO2 emissions of producing Bio-PE are lower than with standard PE. The reason for this is that Bio-PE is produced at a lower temperature. Would you like to know more about the sustainability of bioplastic in general? Then view the bioplastic page.

Additional information

Dimensions 1230 × 1000 × 2 mm
Operating temperature


Specific weight

0,96 g/cm³


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