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Terranyl sheet orange 1000x600x1mm

Terranyl orange 1000x600x1mm

  • Bioplastic sheet
  • Similar to Polystyrene and Foamed PVC
  • Easy to work with
  • Biobased & biodegradable
  • Suitable for, i.a., the sign industry


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Terranyl sheets

Terranyl® is a biobased and biodegradable bioplastic type. In other words, it is made from organic products and is biodegradable. The Terranyl sheets are made of, among other things, starch. This starch is a residual product from the washing installations of the potato industry. The material is very easy to work with, so it is suitable for various applications. Bioplastic is generally not suitable for outdoor use. More information about bioplastic in general can be found on the bioplastic page. Terranyl also has a Vinçotte 3 star quality mark. This means that it is compostable under non-industrial conditions. Most importantly, it has much lower CO2 emissions than plastic.

Applications of Terranyl

In terms of properties, Terranyl is very similar to the plastics Polystyrene and Foamed PVC. Therefore, it makes it an excellent replacement for these two. Terranyl sheets are used in i.a. the sign industry. For example for shelf strips, displays and POS material, but it is also suitable for puzzles.


The sheets are available per piece. They are available in the colours white, yellow, green and orange. The standard dimensions are 1000x600mm and 1200x1000mm in the thicknessess 1mm and 2mm. For other sizes or large quantities, please contact us.

Work with Terranyl

Terranyl is, as mentioned before, very easy to work with. For example, it is possible to cut, glue, saw, drill and print the sheets. The latter in particular is interesting for various applications. In addition, the plates are suitable for vacuum forming. The vacuum forming temperature is 150 to 160°C. All in all, there are many creative possibilities for these sheets.

Circular product

Terranyl is a circular product. The life cycle looks like this: First the starch is processed into a biobased granulate. Secondly, the granulate is used to create the plate. Thirdly, the plates are, for example, printed and used as advertising in a supermarket. Finally, the plates are collected and recycled or composted. Would you like to know more about the evironmentally friendly benefits of bioplastic? Have a look at our bioplastic page.

Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 600 × 1 mm
Specific weight

1,25 g/cm³

Operating temperature



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