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Bio filament slate based 2,85 mm

Bio filament terre battue 2,85 mm

  • 100% bio based filament
  • Nice and easy 3D printing
  • Made from slate waste and bio PLA
  • Significant CO2 reduction


Shipping time: 5 – 10 business days.



Bio filament slate based

This bio filament can be used on most 3D printers. For the production of this filament we use waste from the Angers slate quarries. To avoid a blockage in the nozzle the terre battue particles have a size of less than 250 µm. made from organic origin.

3D printing

The use of a steel nozzle is recommended for prolonged and repetitive printing. Recommended nozzle temparature 190- 230 degree Celcius. There is no need for a hot printing platform.


The filament is available in diameter 2,85 mm with a spool that weighs 1000 gram. The color of the filament may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nuance of the terre battue waste used.


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