Zespri bioplastic display.

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Zespri Europe chooses Mellanyl Bioplastic
Zespri Europe has uptilll now always used a polystyrene display for its green and gold kiwis. This display is placed at the top of the well-known kiwi boxes at supermarkets and greengrocers. Zespri has set sustainability objectives in which goals are made for, among other things, packaging and promotional material. The goal is 100% recyclability and/or compostability in order to work towards a CO2 positive result.
Our bioplastic Mellanyl is a sustainable choice for promotional material. It is made from residual flows from the corn industry and is therefore completely biobased and biodegradable. During the production of Mellanyl, the production temperature is much lower than with fossil plastics. This saves energy and CO2 compared to fossil plastics such as polystyrene. After a trial with 500 displays in the Netherlands and Belgium, it is now being rolled out throughout Europe. Together with Zespri, we are taking another step towards a more sustainable economy.