Bioplastic applications.

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Bioplastic applications

In this section we discuss the most common bioplastic applications. In principle, bioplastics are made to replace traditional plastics. The applications therefore largely correspond with the type of plastic on which it is based. Bioplastic is a relatively new product, so not all bioplastic applications have been tested yet. There are many more applications for which bioplastic is suitable that will become more prominent over time. Puzzles made of bioplastic, for example, are a new application.


Terranyl, for example, is an excellent replacement for polystyrene and foamed PVC sheets. The plates can therefore be perfectly used in the POS and display industry. Think of shelf strips, displays and other visual communication carriers. POP Solutions The Netherlands and Belgium are already using Terranyl for use as an innovative and sustainable shelf strip. They do this for well-known cosmetic brands. Furthermore, Terranyl can easily be printed with screen printing or digital print. The material can then be punched or milled depending on thickness.

Vibers bioplastic is an excellent biological substitute for foamed PVC. The plates are used as POS material, signage at festivals and events and in interior construction. The material can be printed and processed very well, so it can be used for many different applications.

Bio-Polyethylene is very impact resistant and stiff. It can therefore be used well as a finishing plate or protection plate in interior applications. It is also used to make thermoformed parts, such as cover caps and trays. Bio-PE cannot be printed or glued well because of the greasy surface.

PLA is very similar to the plastic Polystyrene. This bioplastic type is also suitable for POS material, signage, festivals and events. PLA is suitable for interior applications as well.

Recycled sheets

Our recycled sheets have the same properties as the original plastics. For example, recycled acrylic is suitable for the same applications as standard acrylic. There is also no visible difference between the recycled and original sheets.