About us.

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Bioplasticshop was founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sheets on the market. Bioplasticshop is part of Kunststofshop (founded in 2007). Partly due to our knowledge of the plastics industry, the social discussion and questions from our customers, we thought the time was right to switch to sustainable alternatives. In the first years, it was mainly a search for manufacturers who wanted to produce bioplastics in the first place. The first records we received were not yet of the quality that we and the market expect. In collaboration with our manufacturers, we have further developed and tested the bioplastic sheets and have improved them enormously.

Now that we are satisfied with the quality, it is time to introduce our bioplastic sheets to the traditional plasticmarket. For this we have completely renewed our website, so that it fits better with the sustainable and innovative products that we sell. We have most sheets in stock to keep delivery times as low as possible. We are constantly working with our manufacturers to improve the quality of the products and to develop new sustainable materials. For example, improving the compostability of the sheets.

Mission & vision

In the short term, we want to ensure that the entire life cycle of our bioplastic products is circular. We want to do this in the form of recycling, but also by industrial composting of the bioplastic sheets. By collecting and composting the used sheets, we want to unburden the customer in the circular process. We are currently working on obtaining a subsidy to realize our own composting machine. If this is successful, we will be one step further in improving the life cycle of our bioplastic sheets.

In the long term, we want to offer a fully sustainable range that can replace traditional fossil plastics. We want to expand our range so that we have at least one good bioplastic alternative for each type of plastic. In this way we can ensure that both CO2 emissions and energy consumption are reduced and that the raw materials can be used sustainably.

Our team

The Bioplasticshop team consists of five permanent employees: Marco, Bram, Arne, Jeanette and Rick. With this team we have a good mix of entrepreneurship, creativity and customer focus. We use these qualities to ensure that Bioplasticshop has a sustainable future.

ps. Our team photo will follow soon! Once everyone is back together in the office, we will take a team photo and share it here.